ConclusionGood morning.
Today we finish our 31 day journey on healing.
There is only so much that short blogs can cover, but I hope they have been of use to you. Throughout these blogs we have studied poor theological misconceptions and understandings on healing and praying for the sick. We have looked at how healing shows us the character of God, how His name is healing and that you cannot separate healing from who God is.
We have seen how the compassion, kindness and love of God leads Him to heal. He heals because He loves you. He cares about you and any sickness that comes into your life makes Him angry. He brings freedom in sickness and binds up those who are broken heated.
But we can also move in healing. We too can use the authority given to us to lay hands on the sick and see them healed. Re-read these blogs in fact read as much on healing as you can. Read all the accounts of healing in the Bible as well as good books on the subject or talk to people that are further along than you in this area because you can catch something; whether it be faith, an anointing or even better understanding.
Healing has been a tricky area in the body of Christ for some time. But I believe that there is going to be such a restoration of healing coming to the western church that healing is going to be as common place as prophecy. I think there are going to be certain church groups which have positioned themselves to catch this tide of healing. The church has seen forerunners or key people in the area of healing, but I believe they are ushering in a wave that is here, but not yet in its fullness of a restoration of healing. If this is the case, that means that you can get involved and be in the centre of what I believe is coming in terms of healing, and we can do that by praying for the sick. Lay your hands on as many sick people as you can!
For those who think that they don’t see people healed, unless you start praying for the sick you never will. People who move in the prophetic or evangelism or teaching more often than not didn’t get it right all the time when they first started, there have been lots of mistakes and things that went wrong so why think that healing is any different.
I do hope however that you have enjoyed these blogs. Thank you.