Hello. FDay 1or the next week I am going to  be writing about the promises of God  that can be brought down into your  life.

I would like to start these blogs by  telling you a story. Early last year I was  alone praying in my bedroom when I  looked and saw glimpses into heaven,  similar to what John wrote about in  Revelation 4 I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven…..At once I was in the Spirit, and there before me was a throne in heaven.

In this experience I was taken into a garden that stretched on beyond what the eye could see. It was the most amazing looking scenery I have ever seen. I imagine it looked something similar to what the Garden of Eden looks like (the Garden of Eden still exists on Earth, but is hidden from our sight by an angel).

I stayed there in this garden for a while talking with the Lord, when as I looked out over this garden I saw a rainbow. The more I looked out across the landscape the more rainbows I could see, in fact there were thousands of rainbows filling the sky around me. I looked up and directly over my head was a giant rainbow, bending around me.

As I was looking over this landscape I thought to myself ‘why are there rainbows in heaven? Rainbows are something to do with water vapour and sunlight, there is no water vapour and beams of sunlight in heaven. So why am I seeing rainbows? Furthermore it’s not even wet.’

As I was think about this I heard Jesus say to me that ‘the rainbows are the promises of God. Heaven is full of the promises of God. The promises are waiting to come down into the Earth. The promises of God originate in heaven but the outworking of them will be on the earth.’

Visions can be full of symbolism even seeing into heavenly places can be a very symbolic experience. John for example in Revelation encountered a lot of symbolism. Paul wrote about seeing into the heavenlies in 2 Corinthians 12.4 saw inexpressible things. Sometimes the only way our human minds can understanding the deep things of God is through symbolism. Symbolism is found throughout the Bible in colours, names, numbers, creatures and so forth. There was no way for me to visually see and understand what promises from God looked like if they did not appear in symbolic form.


So, for the next 7 days I will be writing about the rainbows of God for your life because heaven is full of promises for you, promises that are ready to come down and connect with you.