Day 5

Good Morning.

We have been looking at the promises God has spoken over your life. We have been looking at colours that make- up that those promises, but there are also unseen colours. In the normal rainbow God put in colours that we are unable to see with the human eye. Ultra-violet light and spectrums of colour that are outside of our ability to naturally see.

How do we see these promises come to pass, the things that we cannot see? Have you ever had a word from God that you sure was right and would come to pass? Or maybe someone gave you a prophetic word on what God was going to do in your life?

Maybe you’re thinking that promise was years ago and nothing has ever happened? One of the problems of being human is that we only see the past and the ‘now.’ God moves in sessions and times and He sees your whole life mapped out and He knows the right timing in your life for that promise to come to pass. Sometimes the ‘now’ is not the right time and it would limit the blessing that God wants to bring down into your life. Sometimes God has to spend time getting us into that position He needs us to be in for the fulfilment, so that you will not buckle under the weight of the blessing of the fulfilment.

You see when that promise comes to fulfilment it will not be in a vacuum; but will have an effect on those around you. The fulfilment of your promises is not just for you, but for others as well.

In the book of Genesis, Abraham’s wife Sarah could not have children but God had promised Abraham that he was to be the father and give birth to a whole nation, in theology it is called the Abrahamic covenant (Genesis 15). A covenant is another word for promise, and this promise would additionally bless Abraham descendants to Isaac and then to Jacob. It also looked to include all mankind into the promise through Jesus, it was an everlasting covenant and unconditional in that God committed Himself to do certain things because of the promise.

Abraham had to wait 20 years long after his wife Sarah had passed the age of having children, and the very thought of having children made her laugh because it was impossible, but in Genesis 21, Sarah gave birth to a son in their old age. It was in his old age the promise come to pass.

I remember an elderly lady sharing a dream she had with me, the interpretation was all about the promises that God had spoken into her life many years ago. I gave her a word about how she was entering into a session of the fulfilment of those promises and as I done so I saw the hand of God hovering over her body moving the sessions over her life into motion. It was in her old age that God was going to be faithful to His word.

So, if you cannot see the fulfilment, remember God does not go back on His word. Let faith and expectancy rise within you. Get ready and prepare yourself, you have no idea what is around the corner……

……Just as he promised. Not one word has failed of all the good promises, he gave

(1 Kings 8.56).