Day 6

Heaven is full of promises ready to be spoken over your life, ready to come down into your life; our role is to see manifest on earth what is in heaven. Heaven is not just a future existence for when you die, but its realities, existence and power is for your life now, today! This is what it means to live under an open heaven; it is not a shut off, closed up place reserved for just when you die. And heaven is full of promises that are ready to come and connect with you!

We are to claim hold of those promises, because they already exist in their fullness in heaven, just not yet on earth. Heaven is not shut but open, so we can connect with what is already there. The moment God spoke your promise it already came into being (everything responds to the spoken word of God) it may not be in its fullness, but it does exists. This is why we do not despise the day of small beginnings. That is not just a nice passage from the Bible (Zechariah 4.10) that makes us feel good in deflating moments; but there is power contained in small beginnings because it is the beginnings of the reality of the fulfilment of that promise. The parable of the tenets (Matthew 25.14-30) is an example of that. It is a spiritual law.

So therefore, we must bring ourselves under the promises of God and stand on them, just as one does in other promises such as salvation and the power of the cross, because you are actively bringing yourself into agreement with what God has said about your life.

And therefore it comes a time when we move from the waiting and praying and into the fulfilment of the promise.

What do you do when you enter the promise land? This is just as important as the arrival of the promise itself. When Joshua entered the land that God had promised he was to drive the foreign peoples from the land and remove all their false worship temples. However, in Joshua 9, he made a treaty with the Gibeonites, due to being tricked by them. The Israelites let Baal worship into the land through the Canaanites. How we live in the wilderness is just as important as how we live in the Promise Land; we work with the blessings that God has given us and honour Him in that. As with the parables of the Tenants, we sow and use the fulfilment and in doing so it not only honours God but it increases the blessing and increases fulfilment of the promise. Why does it increase the fulfilment?

Because God is without end, He is without limit, and His blessings are endless, the blessing: they grow. And they grow, and grow, and, grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and expand into your life!!