Connect (iBelong Groups)

‘Deepening your spiritual growth and stronger sense of belonging’.


Oasis (International Group) – Our newest iBelong Group which aims to share culture, food and engender a sense of belonging and Christian growth. Led by Amy Grindlay 

  • Oasis (Prime Time For Over 50s) – A team-led gathering for mainly (but not exclusively) for over 50s. This meets every Wednesday afternoon between 2 and 3 with a programme that varies between teaching and prayer to outings ,whist drives and tea dances! For those in the Prime of their life having the time of their life! Led by Stephen Potter.


  • North End (Business Group)  – for business people in the church – Tuesdays at 8am. Led by Derek Williams  


  • Oasis (Farsi Group) – We have a iBelong Group for Farsi speakers led by Bita Lines. 


  • Fratton (iBelong Group) – A group meets in Fratton led by Maria Adams. 


  • Catherington (iBelong Group) –  A group meets in Catherington on Thursday evenings at 8pm led by Liz Brunt. 


  • Southsea (iBelong Group) – A group meets on Thursday evenings in Southsea led by Fiona Armstrong. 

For more details please contact us via this website , via our Facebook page or call the church office on 07305 636001