Team Church

Events Team
We have decided to have a church whose social life is as strong as its spiritual life so we have lots of events that we’d love you to be a part of. Fiona Armstrong heads up a dynamic team who help us as we put plan and hold these events. Tell us if you’d like to be involved in set up, catering, publicity, hospitality or hosting! There’s always something to do at a church like Oasis!

Business and Finance Development Team
This team proves that it’s possible to be left brained in a predominantly right-brained church! We’ve got a great facility that needs to be marketed and let out to those looking for an increasingly attractive and state of the art venue. Derek Williams heads this team as it keeps us on track financially and puts some brain behind the vision!

Music  Team
Derek Williams leads our music team. If you love to sing or can play an instrument then have a chat to him after any of our meetings .

Set Up Team

We are always looking for team members who want to discover a specific role in setting up equipment , chairs , tables etc for our gatherings. Please contact Jules at the church office (07305 636001 ) if you’d like to help

Catering Team

A catering team is vital for a church that loves to eat and socialise! If you can cook , wash up, wait at tables , organise menus etc then Karen Ebdon will be thrilled to hear from you and take you on as part of the team she leads.

Welcome and Hosting Team
Brian and Alison Porter will probably be the first faces you see when you come to Oasis! They head up a team that will welcome newcomers, provide them with an information pack and generally point the arriving congregation in the right directions!

Pastoral Team
We are currently developing a Pastoral Team at Oasis . If you’re unwell, worried about anything, then a member of this team will do their best to see you and help you through.We want a trained team of people who make sure that everyone receives the care they need at Oasis. if you’re interested in visiting people , being a listening ear and generally caring then please see Marie Potter who is getting this team up and running .It’s on our agenda to train a team of ‘Listeners’ and Counsellors. We have a limited number of people available for this now but if you would like to join them or avail yourself of their services then please contact the church office .If you’re unll, worried about anything, then a member of this team will do their best to see you and help you through.

Awesome Sunday Team
Obviously church is more than just about Sundays, but often Sunday is the first point of contact for people with Oasis. We have decided that if we are going to meet then we are going to do it well!

There are teams of people who make up the Awesome Sunday Team.

  • Catering team – providing drinks as people arrive
  • PA, lighting, projection , video and still photography
  • Preachers, Video Producers, MCs, Prayer
  • Children’s work team

If you would like to get involved please contact Jules at the church office (07305 636001)

Prayer Team

Joy Fryatt is cultivating a culture or prayer at Oasis. She leads the prayer times before the Sunday Morning gathering, coordinates our international prayer chain and prayer requests for Sunday Mornings as well as facilitating our prayer events.

If you would like to get involved with Prayer , please contact Joy on 07305 636001.