Oasis Around the World

Oasis is a  ‘ House of Prayer for all Nations’ with a heart to see every people and language group being reached with the love of God.

Teams make regular visits to India, the Philippines, and Bangladesh and through Rick and Gilly Reilly Davidson, who lead Mustard Seed Ministries; we reach out to other nations including Brazil and Haiti. Rick and Gilly are resident in India for 6 months of the year.

Regular fund raising events take place at Oasis to support the works that we have built relationships with in these places over the years and our aim isn’t to plant an ‘Oasis  Flag’ in any of these places but to encourage and strengthen those who are doing a wonderful job there already. Stephen has a heart for Pastors and church leaders in particular in these nations and travels regularly to take seminars to do just this.


Our links with India date back to 1994 when Stephen first visited Bangalore and Madras.

Our relationships with Pastor Lawrence and his church and family in Bangalore still remain strong as do those with Rosie and Joseph Jebukumar who run an orphanage near Chennai.

Friendships that have grown since those early days have been with Uday and Aneela Rao in Mumbai and Pastor Satish in Masthi near Bangalore.

The Philippines

Random chats with Christians online in the Philippines opened a door for Oasis to visit in around 2006.

We have strong friendships with the Philippine Community Fund in Manila, as well as a group of pastors in Valenzuela Manila  (including Pastor Filemon Jutba) who regularly invite Stephen to go to speak to them.

Pastor Alfred and Jet lead a great church in Baguio as do Pastor Maureen and Lito and we visit them regularly to speak and encourage as they do a great work of evangelism both in the city and at the dumpsite and beyond.

Iligan City in Mindanao has become dear to our hearts and through Pastor Stephen Villaeaster we have got to know many of the pastors working in that city, including Pastors Rholly and Benjy Epe.  Stephen speaks at Pastors’ meetings every time he visits; in 2011 he also spoke to Pastors in Cagayan de Oro. An invitation to visit Davao will be taken up in 2012.

Pastor Danny and Marjorie Go work in Cebu,  have become dear friends and their family has become ours. It’s been a joy to see them and do what we can to support them as they serve God there.

We have paid visits to the island of Bohol and have begun a relationship with the Open Hearts church there.


Stephen has only made one visit to Bangladesh at the invitation of Mr Peter Sarkar but strong links exist and we look forward to taking teams to visit again.

Mustard Seed Ministries

Rick and Gilly Reilly Davidson have been part of Oasis Church for many years. They have had a heart for missions for many years and live in India for half of their year. They lead Mustard Seed Ministries, of which Stephen and other Oasis members are trustees. Mustard Seed Ministries are recognised by the Elim Pentecostal Church and we channel all of our missions giving through them. Oasis sees Mustard Seed Ministries as flowing out of Oasis but MSM is supported from a much wider base than just Oasis. Please follow the links to their website for more information. www.msn.org.uk