Day 4


We read yesterday about the colour of God’s promises,    today we are going to explore that a little more in-      depth.

Your life radiates the promises of God. Every single    one of them. There are general promises over you such   as salvation and forgiveness, healings etc, but there    are also personal promise that God has for you and  your life radiates these colours.

Think about a promises or a prophetic word that God  has spoken to you; that promise is written all over you  and into your future with colour.

The colours within that promise is red; because God is  passionate and zealous about your life and what he has  spoken about over your life!; God is passionate about  the promise He gave you!

Orange because there is energy and power in the fulfilment of that promise. The Holy Spirit comes like a storm, a wind that violently knocks down and destroys any obstacle to the living word of God that has been let loose over your life.

Yellow because the fulfilment of the promise that God has given you is a gift from Him. You didn’t earn it or struggle for the fulfilment; it is a gift from God.

The colour green is in the promise because the fulfilment brings life into you and everything surrounding you. God is a God of life, He resurrects the dread and nothing that has ever been touched by Him can die. Your promises have life within them, life for your dreams and visions and for people around you. God is life and that is what your promise will bring into your life.

There is blue in the promise because it originates in heaven. It makes manifest on earth that which is in heaven. It is the spoken word of God that spoke the promise and that same spoken word of God will bring it into fulfilment. The Holy Spirit will watch over the promise and make sure it will come to pass.

Purple because the fulfilment will exult and bring honour and glory to Jesus. It will show-off His majestic name. The fulfilment won’t bring glory to you, but it will bring glory to Jesus.

All these colours make up your promises. You are painted and covered in these colours of His promise and they flow through your life and into your future, because your path is prepared by God.

So, be excited about the promises that God has spoken over your life.