Day 7


Today is the last blog. I don’t know what promises God has given you; a car? a house or flat? a job? a husband or wife? children? A calling or a vision for something? Or you may have been reading these blogs and been thinking to yourself ‘God has never given me a personal promise!’

So todays blog the final one is about those people.

God has a purpose for your life and a plan to bless you. God loves to put a smile on your face. He loves to put great things into your life. God doesn’t want people to wonder aimlessly through life hoping to randomly bump into something good; He has a plan for you designed only for you. So how do you know what that plan is?

God speaks to us a number of different ways. God speaks, but sometimes we need to understand the ways He does speak in order to hear Him. God wants to bless you, whether you know it or not. What is your heart’s desire? Then test it and then ask is it Scriptural? Will it do me good? Will it cause me to love Jesus more? Will it make me love church more and the people in it? – What is in your heart? Have you ever had as a prophetic word from someone? Start praying it through. It not then ask God for a word and listen to Him speak. Ponder it, keep it safe and pray it through, speak to someone about it. God wants to infuse your life with great promises and blessings from Him. God has something to say about your life. And God loves to speak. There are sessions of silence from Him, but those are sessions and do not make up the bulk of your life. God can be a chatter box.

How can God speak to me? Consider some of these, they range in style.

Preaching: Being stirred by preaching

Day-to-day conversations with friends: God speaks through fellowship with others.

Through the Bible: Verses ‘jump’ out at you or stir you.

Feelings- Stirring the emotions:  The prophetic bubbles up and engages your emotions.

Thoughts- Stirring the mind:  Sparks of insight, understanding or thoughts not your own.

Impressions: God speaks through your impressions about something.

Nature: God uses nature to speak to you.

Pictures: A flash of an image that comes to mind.

Dreams: God speaks when you are asleep.

Visions: A series of moving images and sounds. Natural eyes or closed eyes.

Audible sounds/Voice: Sounds your natural ears hear or your spiritual ears hear.

Angelic encounters: A visitation by an angel that comes with a purpose.   
Thank you for reading these blogs on promises. I hope they have stirred you.